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Give us a call at 660-890-6000 or email at techsupport@gocisc.com to see how we can help you with your Business or Residential technology needs!

PC Cleanup

In Shop
    PC cleanup Consists of cleaning off any spyware, updating any drivers, ensuring PC's contain anti-virus software and latest windows update. If you do not own any anti-virus, we will install a free copy of Microsoft Security Essentials for you.
    Fee: $70

In Home Service

In Home
    We will come directly to your business or residence to perform the same services as our in-shop services plus more. This ranges from setting up networks for multiple PC's to repairing PC issues such as modems, network cards, etc.
    Fee: $60 per/hr

Business Networking

Business Networking
    Setup and secure your business network. We setup network servers to include file sharing, print sharing, etc. We also provide on-site support.
    Fee: Call for a quote today!

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